Verbena Cosmetics produces completely vegan and completely cruelty free, small-batch plant based cosmetics for buyers that really care about the ingredients that go into the products that they use. We are a new small handmade cosmetics business located in Vaughan, Ontario. We are happy to make bulk and wholesale orders: please contact us for more information. We are proud to have our formulas registered and in compliance with Health Canada, including Labelling Cosmetic guidelines.

As the founder and formulator behind Verbena Cosmetics, I am educated in the Biological (including Botany) and Chemical sciences both in terms of university education and external, personal interest specific to cosmetics. I am vegan myself and therefore very passionate about creating products that are vegan and cruelty free. I myself have extremely sensitive skin which includes sensitivities to many synthetic ingredients found in conventional cosmetics. When formulating cosmetics, I find that the most natural products are the most gentle for both myself and others with sensitive skin. I use all of my products on myself and take extra care to make sure that my products are of high quality – which also means that they’re as natural as possible.

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